Stop Bullying!

The increasing videos shared on social media of reports of bullies physically or verbally attacking individuals mainly loan school children seems to be on the rise. For the victim, the damage that is caused is beyond recognition as confidence is often shattered.Stop-Bullying.jpg

As an adult now looking back,  I was largely robbed of my childhood due to bullies. My high school days was a living hell. Every day that I went in I faced violent and verbal abuse which eventually lead me to stop going. As we call it here in Wales, I bunked off for weeks. Social services got involved but I never said a word as to why as I had lost all trust. At the age fourteen, I was offered an alternative:. I was offered a work experience placement which basically meant I started to work in a Butcher’s four out of five of my school days. I was meant to go in on Mondays but I never returned to school.

Now, saddens my heart to see any one that is bullied. Through education, we need to step up the game to ensure this is stamped out. It needs to happen through education. Any child or adult for that matter who is targeted needs help. They may feel they can’t call out for help and they have no way out. We must intervene.

If it would help in the form of education, I am more than willing to share my story as I have done in past years with individuals at schools or education authorities or youth groups or even on the streets. Please step up and speak out, if you have concerns about a child being bullied talk to  school authorities, don’t put it off. If you feel my story can help at your school do get in touch.

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Public Speaking

And Seven Top Tips 

One of our worst enemies of our success  is fear.   When we feel fear, it can have a paralyzing effect on us.  It is our natural,  internal ‘fight or flight’ mode.   This  was useful to our ancestors who lived in a time when staying  rooted to the spot until the danger passed or ran to get out of danger was a real life threat to them.  We no longer have this kind of fear to live with but sometimes  fear is a useful emotion i.e. when we have to judge how quickly we need to cross the road to avoid being hit by a car or bus!

The Magic of Public SpeakingThe sooner we realise  the paralysing effect fear has on our bodies, the sooner we will realise that it is not a good emotion to give space to in our life.

Other names for fear are anxiety or stress.   These are often emotions associated with public speaking.  A good  definition of anxiety is ‘a state of fear of something that may never happen.’  Associated fear about public speaking can be  rejection, been negatively evaluated by our peers, feeling self-conscious in front of groups,  appearing nervous or  fear of others judging us.

Our perceived fear of public speaking is mostly  irrational – yes – we may go through the ‘stage fright’ scenario of our body going into ‘flight or fight’ mode but you can learn to harness those feelings and step out onto the stage and make your presentation or performance authentic because you have those feelings.

Jerry Seinfeld  made a great joke based surveys ran in America –  “I read a thing that actually says that speaking in front of a crowd is considered the number one fear of the average person. I found that amazing – number two was death! That means to the average person if you have to be at a funeral, you would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

A good point to remember is – if you are have being asked to stand up and give a presentation then the majority of those watching you are there because:

a) they believe that you are the expert in that field or

b) they can learn something from you.

Your audience usually wants you to succeed – Remember your presentation  is more about your audience than it is about you.

The Seven Top TipsDSC_7498

Find your own style

Do you prefer to stand or move around?  Be aware that moving around too much can distract from your message, but  deliberate body movement to empower what you are saying is  key. Study someone you admire but be aware of copying some else’s style -it may just not suit you or your personality.

Body language 

Be aware of the movements you make.   If you make nervous body moves, your audience will pick up your nerves and feel nervous for you.   Stand up straight, smile, engage. Avoid hopping from one foot to another or leaning on just one leg.   Don’t hide behind a podium or props – it may be tempting but you are simply hiding from your audience.  Come out from behind the podium or prop and engage, move and let the audience feel your energy and passion for the subject you are talking about.

Eye Contact and Engagement.  

Whether you are talking to 25 people or 500.  Make everyone in the room feel included and engage with your audience.

Be prepared    

Everyone we see in public whether they are a performer, comedian, politician or actor – has planned their talk and  what they are going to say.  If you are not prepared then you are not going to feel confident about what your presentation.


Practice does make perfect.  Stand up in your room or office and give your talk or presentation – if you can do it in front of a friend or film yourself so you can give yourself feedback then do it.


Rehearsing is different to practice.   So, rehearse i.e. go through your presentation from beginning to end as if you were in front of a real, intended audience.  If you slip up, continue to the very end.  Don’t stop as you would in a practice scenario, but deliver your presentation as if in real time.  If time allows it, go back and practice the parts of your presentation that need perfecting.  In an ideal situation, I like to dress rehearse my presentation at the actual venue some hours or if not the day before.

Think positively

Use positive affirmations as you prepare “I can do this” is much more effective than thinking negatively “I can’t do this”  or “I’m going to make a fool of myself” is destruction to your sub-conscious mind – feed it positivity!  Visualise yourself giving a successful performance or presentation – this can be incredibly powerful.  A great confidence trick is to ‘act’ that you are confident – you’ll be surprised how this can make you feel more confident.

Being a public speaker puts you in the realm of been seen as a leader or an expert – because not everyone takes the time to become a good public speaker.  It is powerful, rewarding and worth the time and effort that you may need to put in to make your next presentation outstanding!

Find out more about our training –






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Are you Prejudice?


Racism and prejudice are very different, yet can be just as destructive and often fuel and overlap each other. Often the terms are misused or even misunderstood. The Oxford English dictionary defines prejudice as a “preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience”

I am going to focus on prejudice or as the title asks – are you Prejudice? Even though they are different they inherit the same roots, which is largely based on ignorance.

In recent times I have heard a lot of …. “they are a racist” or “they are very prejudice” – people pointing the finger at others. Take for example the recent Brexit vote in the UK. This has lead to unrest in communities where some people seem to feel the need to point fingers and blame someone. The remainers blaming the leavers and vice versa. Recently there has been a frightening increase in racial abuse and attacks running up to the vote and after the results.

In the same breath, there has been a rise of prejudice as some members from each group of the campaigns as they accuse each other across social media of hate. Largely tarring one group or the other and everyone in it with the same brush. Been one person who voted to remain I have to watch this path carefully. Yes, there are good and bad in every walk of life but I believe that most people who voted are decent people.

For one to point at another and say “ they are a racist” or “they are prejudice” it would appear to be a clear proclamation that they, in turn, are not one themselves. This is the pride or perhaps ignorance of thinking they are not. But have we really dared to self-examine our own pride and prejudices?

We all have our likes and dislikes and even though one may say I am not prejudice – this may well serve to be the key thought that makes us ignorant of been able to see our own flaws. It is a bit like saying I do not judge – but we all make judgements.

In other words, if we want to root out racism we really need to root out our own prejudices in ourselves first.

Take hard long, honest look in the mirror.

Ask yourself this – Is there a subculture in our society that makes you feel uncomfortable – from the homeless person upon the streets to the successful professional? It may be age dependent or a cultural expression, a certain dress sense or style that irritates you the moment you see it. It does not mean you negatively act on it but it shapes the way you respond to what you see.

The same or similar thoughts may be of race or cultures even those of you who may inherently stand against racism. Ask yourself this long overdue question whilst you are looking in the mirror. Is there a race or culture that you shy away from or are perhaps weary of or typecast?

The point of this exercise is to get us to look at ourselves – looking at our own fall shorts. Challenging our pride and prejudices. Asking yourself – how have I developed such emotions or thinking? Is it inherited or based upon fear or ignorance or media led? Once you have done this short exercise you may find your views are founded on ignorance.

The key to communities coming together is through education, tolerance, sharing and understanding. We have to hold the mirror up to our own hearts and stop fighting each other. We need to be able to see our own faults and flaws and prejudices and only then can truly overcome them and stand a chance of helping others effectively.

When we see our own faults, our own pride and prejudices in our own hearts or minds that we have disliked and hated in others, we can choose to change. We will be able to act from a place of understanding, acceptance, love, compassion and tolerance. We can and will build communities that come together to celebrate each other uniqueness.

If you are or like to be committed to standing against prejudice and overcome racism, start by holding the mirror up to your own heart.

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The Show Must Go On!

Our European Magic Road Tour continues. This weekend I will be performing my family magic show at a fete in Mid Wales, as will Veronica who will be storytelling and Balloon twisting before 10383763_10202888485107910_3829959238626664762_oreturning to Cardiff performing our street show. Then, on Tuesday we drive to Germany for one of my favourite street festivals in Bamburg. Pending an invite we may stay longer in Germany or return to the UK where we will be busking and performing on the South Coast before we do a turnaround and head back over to France and travel the to the North coast of Germany and sail to Sweden. By invitation, we will be busking in different towns, cities and visit an Island or two. This will take right up to the end of August possibly mid-September.

We will give you warts and all updates as we go. If you would like us to cover a particular aspect of our trip or care for some tips or ideas in regards to performing or busking just add it as a reply to this blog.

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Imagine we lived on a planet called Earth


Imagine if we lived on a planet called Earth – where all species that live there are dependent on each other and the Earth to survive. This paradox  points to the truth that the survival of life on earth is dependent on our relationship with the Earth and each other.

As we currently stand we are playing into the hands of capitalism and  we don’t add into the equation of unforeseen cost of the Earth needs or perhaps better said Earths rights. Humanity has many things in common – we laugh, smile, cry and bleed. We have in common as does all species and plant form the need for water, food, clean air and a safe place to live – a basic summary of human rights. We all live on the incredible revolving sphere we call earth. The earth provides for  us all our needs and we are totally dependent on it for our basic rights. Yet we have used it as an endless recourse rather than investment. Some of the most intelligent beings can calculate with incredible  precession profits and loss  to calculate and forecast the best investments to gain the greatest returns. Yet it is done without taking into the equation of unforeseen costs of the Earths ability to sustain that demand. The outcome is shortsighted  and unsustainable. Yet we continue as business as usual, governments that we elected and huge corporate companies seemingly  relentless to trade without taking on board we have this huge deficit that is not taking into the equation – the unforeseen cost –  the Earths needs.

As governments have reluctantly become more transparent as the result of the World-wide-web. we are seeing their flaws are countless and our future seems to become uncertain. Yet in the same breath, we can achieve greatness.  For a great example – the  ozone layer –  discovered around 40 years ago is repairing and should have half closed within five years.

This is the results of campaigns that began on a grass root level that made humanity sit up and rethink what it is doing to the planet.

This is a fantastic result but it does not differ from the need for radical change in how we live together on this planet.  We have more in common with each other than we prefer to give credit to, we all live on the planet Earth. Yet it must start with ourselves looking at how we live.  Recycling may seem lost in the scheme of things yet it is a proactive engagement if you like a direct action of showing appreciating for the planet Earth and the community in which we are a part of. Downsizing our carbon footprint upon this planet as we join in a partnership with each other. Yes, we have a lot of work to do which in itself is a great thing.

We need governments to change or more importantly we need to change our governments. Governments that serve their own interest outside their appointed office are off target. We need a radical investment into the Earth itself so greed cannot be a driven force behind governments or corporate companies but the Earths needs has to be the primal investment. We have to recognise the Earth as  a living organ and we are part of the function of that organ as is every plant life and species upon this Earth is.  We are one part of the greater function of the planet earth.

Governments, leaders and corporate companies that have their interest and investments interest outside the Earth cannot and should not lead the way. Trade such as arms and nuclear trade, including the trade that creates carbon dioxide has to be lowered, reduced and even irradicated.

Deforesting for cattle as we sweep away the earth lungs has to seize and be reversed. We need to invest in renewable energies that replenish far greater into the Earth as opposed to what we can take out of her.

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The illusion that distract us

Hands on a globe --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

There is no us and them. That is an illusion to distract us from the hidden ball.

It is not surprising that many have and are becoming increasingly unsettled with the world we see around us. With political uncertainties,  war, famine, mass climate change. Never has there been such a time where we can see so much at just a press of a button. Yet it seems the more we see the more we appear to become de-sensitized to what we see around us and to each other needs.

With the EU and the UK in a meltdown crisis, so much so, it overshadows massacres on the streets of Istanbul or the desperate plight of people fleeing war. Mass arms deals continue to take place with tax payers money – like a magician distracting our attention from what we should be keeping our eye on. We have been distracted from what we all have in common until now.

25739652_1_mMore and more people are waking up and seeing that we need to draw together in order to sustain ourselves. There is no us and them. That is an illusion to distract us from the hidden ball. No wonder here in the West as well as the rest of the world, country after country is becoming disillusioned with the political structure they find themselves in. No wonder the European Union is been called to give an account to its citizens. No wonder the millions of subjects have had enough with the political process of their own countries as well as the UK.

First, there is an awakening of heart, minds and souls and what is following is revolutionization of everything we once considered safe.

If we know our political systems are doomed to fail us, if our democrat establishments are outdated and our elected leaders mislead us. If our resources are bankrupt and war is talked about as if it’s the highest priority yet we continue to neglect the planet and our ecosystem. No wonder we have become disillusioned with this status quo.

There is hope., we are the children of the Earth. We are that hope. We are the hope for today and our children tomorrow. Each and every one of us is incredible and we can revolutionise our hearts and together we can revolutionise the world we live on.

With brave hearts, peace, love, compassion, understanding and unity It is time to stand up for each other and the earth we live on.

  • It is time to hold a mirror against our own hearts and look at our own faults and prejudices and draw a line under them.
  • It is time to sweep out the old and to bring in the new.
  • It is time to remove the veil that the old passing system  placed over our eyes with media and governments lies and misdirection.
  • It is time for us to speak out and say – enough is enough.
  • It is time to stop listening to the war mongers, the dividers and the haters and instead hold them to account.
  • It is time we revolutionised the political outdated systems that serves the greedy politicians rather than the people they are meant to listen to and serve.
  • It is time for us to wake up and use our talents and skills to bring about positive change and unite with our fellow human kind and care for this earth.
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The School of Busking 10th year Anniversary

9e986468-5fff-47c3-aa48-28c42d1a6592Mario Morris presents
3 Day McBride Master Class – Glastonbury UK

It is the School of Busking privilege to be hosting the McBride Master Class together with Eugene Burger.
This is their only 3 day  UK Mcbride Master Class and it is almost upon us with just weeks to go. There are  just has a few places left, if you want to attend contact Veronica ASAP HERE  or book below.

The School of Busking  10th year Anniversary


The first School of Busking Class 2006

In 2006  the School of Busking was founded and we began running courses and workshops for students interested in the art of  street theatre.  Over the past 10 years, hundreds of students have passed through our doors..

Students often attend this course as a stepping stone to achieve their own aims and objectives – be it cabaret, stage, close up, public speaking and even teaching.  Other students  have become fully fledged street performers and in some case travelling the world and living the dream.

The Long awaited Busking Road Show hits the road!


To celebrate The School of Busking 10 year anniversary, myself and Lady Vee are taking  our Busking Road Show  across the UK and Europe. We will be performing our show as well lecturing and teaching as we go. If you would  like us to visit your town or city or if you know of a festival you like to see us at get in touch!

The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick has received 2 x 5 star reviews!


 I am very pleased to say the effect I  have been performing since 1998 “The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick” has gained some great reviews and excellent feedback. Read the reviews HERE

Blackpool Magic Convention 2016
We will have our School of Busking stand on the balcony – come and say hello!


McBride Master Class with Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger
1 – 3 March 2016, Glastonbury
It is the School of Buskings privilege to be hosting the McBride Master Class, UK.

The School of Busking
3 Day Intensive Course 6 – 8 May 2016, Cardiff 

I am also pleased to confirm the School of Busking 3 day course is being held in Cardiff and is booking up fast!

Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger Magic Show
hosted by Mario Morris

Glastonbury 2nd March, 8 pm


For those of you in the UK –  a unique opportunity to watch these masters of magic in an intimate setting  in one of the most magical towns in the UK.  You can find out more at HERE


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